School canteen online training

New training for all Australian school canteens!

The Federation of Canteens in Schools Inc (FOCIS) is excited to bring you School Canteen Online Training.

Running a canteen is much more than providing healthy foods.  The training includes the consistent key components of effective canteen management. For example, advocating for a whole school approach to healthy eating, ‘food foundations’ modelled on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, best practice financial management and preparing safe food.

The eight module course will equip school canteen operators with the skills and knowledge to provide safe, nutritious foods in a financially viable food service.

Modules include:

  1. Setting up a school canteen
  2. Creating a canteen community
  3. Food foundations
  4. Menu planning
  5. Marketing and promotion
  6. Healthy food, healthy profits
  7. Safe food
  8. Take action (includes summary, final assessment, evaluation and certificate)

 Start the training today at: School Canteen Training.