About Us

FOCIS Vision

For a nutritious and sustainable food service to be provided in all schools and in the broader community throughout Australia.

FOCIS Mission

FOCIS will support, promote, facilitate and empower school communities, state and territory Associations and Networks, food industry and government to enable stakeholders to make decisions that result in healthy food services by providing tools, resources and information.

FOCIS Objects

The objects of the Association are:

1. To improve the health of Australian school children through the delivery of nutritious and healthy foods by developing and promoting position statements on current national issues for food services in Australia.

2. To advocate and support:

  • a). school governing bodies
  • b). state canteen associations and networks
  • c). governments (federal and state)
  • d). industry and
  • e). the broader community

on the value of nutritious and healthy food services.

3. To promote healthy, safe and sustainable high quality food and drinks for Australian canteens.

Stakeholders and partners

  • FOCIS members, including Canteen Associations and Networks across Australia
  • Canteens, including food services operated in schools and the broader community
  • Schools, including canteen staff, Principals, teachers, parents and students
  • Food industry
  • Government and non-government bodies with similar objects that work with schools and the broader community to promote nutritious food choices.

FOCIS Membership and meetings

The benefits of FOCIS membership are detailed under three pillars:

  1. Advocating for school canteens
  2. Working in partnership
  3. Education.

FOCIS meetings are generally held every eight weeks from February to November (minimum once per quarter), via teleconference and once per year face to face. This meeting includes the Annual General Meeting (AGM), scheduled between July and December. Membership applications may be presented at any time and will be tabled at the next scheduled meeting. Memberships and Committee of Management positions are renewed annually at the AGM. FOCIS membership is currently free of charge.

Join us for our Annual General Meeting 

  • Date – Friday 10 December 2021 10.00am EST
  • Via Zoom/Webex, please email fociswa@gmail.com to RSVP, the link will be provided

For more information about the many and varied benefits of FOCIS membership and membership categories see the membership application form.

FOCIS Constitution

Download the FOCIS Constitution.

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