About Us

FOCIS Vision

For a nutritious and sustainable food service to be provided in all schools and in the broader community throughout Australia.

FOCIS Mission

FOCIS will support, promote, facilitate and empower school communities, state and territory Associations and Networks, food industry and government to enable stakeholders to make decisions that result in healthy food services by providing tools, resources and information.

FOCIS Objects

The objects of the Association are:

1. To improve the health of Australian school children through the delivery of nutritious and healthy foods by developing and promoting position statements on current national issues for food services in Australia.

2. To advocate and support:

  • a). school governing bodies
  • b). state canteen associations and networks
  • c). governments (federal and state)
  • d). industry and
  • e). the broader community

on the value of nutritious and healthy food services.

3. To promote healthy, safe and sustainable high quality food and drinks for Australian canteens.


Stakeholders and partners

  • FOCIS members, including Canteen Associations and Networks across Australia
  • Canteens, including food services operated in schools and the broader community
  • Schools, including canteen staff, Principals, teachers, parents and students
  • Food industry
  • Government and non-government bodies with similar objects that work with schools and the broader community to promote nutritious food choices.


FOCiS Structure.doc 2019


Available to those individuals and associations that support the aims and objectives of FOCIS in promoting healthy food choices to children and adolescents.

Why become a member of FOCIS?

  • Contribute to the canteen industry. Help shape the direction of health promotion in schools and their canteens. Advocating for the workforce and well as a whole school approach to healthy eating
  • Increased funding opportunities e.g. eligibility to apply for Commonwealth funding
  • Increased opportunity to work with and lobby food industry for positive change to the food and drinks manufactures and supplied in school canteens
  • Networking. Working alongside Canteen Associations and Networks with many years of experience; keep in touch with what is happening in the canteen industry and in schools on a national level
  • The right to vote and hold office in FOCIS.