Government Health Strategies

FOCIS welcomes the Government’s announcement of the following strategies to improve the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

Creating a whole school approach to healthy eating

The whole school approach to healthy eating is an evidence based approach that works to develop a healthy food culture in schools that positively impacts the eating habits of students. For more information see this recent article written by FOCIS and published in Education Australia.

Inquiry into Diabetes in Australia

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport has commenced a new inquiry into the prevention, diagnosis and management of all forms of diabetes, and obesity and its effects on the Australian Population. The Committee welcomes your views on the Terms of Reference.

All submissions should be uploaded by 31 August 2023. More information about making a submission can be found here .

School Provided Meals – Discussion Paper

Flinders University have published a Discussion Paper ‘Do we need school meals in Australia’.

Achieving benefits for families, schools and society requires transformation of school food. We have unpacked the current state of school food in Australia in a discussion paper, presenting the arguments for and against a transformation of the school food system.

This discussion paper poses two questions that can stimulate and guide a national debate:

  1. Does Australia need school-provided meals?
  2. What could school meals in an Australian context look like?

This is the link to the discussion paper.

If you would like to be involved, you can complete the survey here.

Education Australia – Canteen Food and Beverage

The March edition of Education Australia contains some interesting articles on the importance of children eating a healthy diet at school. This article on School Food Services – providing a nutritious food services to support student learning, is written by the FOCIS Executive. The article discusses the importance of a whole school approach to healthy eating and the role school canteens play in supporting student health and wellbeing and the impact a healthy diet can have on brain development and academic achievement.

There is also an article from Nutrition Australia, ACT’s senior dietitian, Leanne Elliston, on how staying well-nourished and hydrated at school impacts students energy and concentration levels.

FOCIS School Canteen Online Training presentation

FOCIS presented at the PHAA Public Health Prevention Conference June 2019. about the School canteen online training development including partnering with all Australian states and territories. See the full PHAA abstract here.

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