The National School Food Network (NSFN) is facilitated by FOCIS


  • To provide a platform for collaboration and to share successes, ideas and resources to support provision of healthy foods and drinks in Australian schools. To facilitate relevant professional development for its members.


  • State and Territory based school canteen associations, relevant State and Territory Government Departments, Federation of Canteens in Schools (FOCIS) and other organisations engaging in evidence-based nutrition promotion within the school environment.
  • Members of the food industry and other organisations whose activities do not align with the purpose of the Network are not eligible for membership.


  • Meetings are organised bi-annually by FOCIS, via electronic means or face to face if possible.
  • Meetings are jointly hosted by FOCIS and a member organisation. Host organisations are rotated through States and Territories.
  • Host organisations are responsible for coordinating an exciting agenda with guest speaker/s and/or professional development, based on local issues or an expressed need by the group.
  • Member organisations are encouraged to submit a report using the template provided prior to the meetings summarising their activities since the last meeting, any challenges they have encountered and key learnings. Group members have the opportunity to ask questions during the meeting, to encourage cooperation and learning between members.
  • Active participation in meetings and/or online communication is encouraged but it is acknowledged that some organisations may wish to refrain from discussions that impact confidentiality or are not relevant to their organisation.  

To find out more about the NSFN please contact FOCIS on

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