FOCIS recognises there is considerable public concern regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and the potential impact on our community including schools.  COVID-19 presents an unprecedented situation requiring a unified and collaborative response from government and the community services sector. We encourage you to visit the Department of Health website for up-to-date information to assist you in monitoring this situation.We remind all canteens, kiosks and food services to ensure appropriate hand washing procedures are in place and followed by all staff and volunteers. Check out the World Health Organisation video ‘7 steps to prevent the spread of the virus’ for useful tips to share with your staff, customers and members.

You can download two great posters produced by the Federal Department of Health:

Food Allergen Management Guide for School Canteens

When preparing food, it is essential to consider food allergy.

School canteens can make food selection from the canteen a safer, positive experience for students with food allergy. There are several things that can be put in place to make sure students with food allergy are able to purchase appropriate food from the school canteen. These strategies will also support staff with food allergy.

This Guide includes frequently asked questions and explains the 4 key strategies to food allergy management in school canteens:
1. Know what’s in your food
2. Be 100% truthful
3. Prepare food safely
4. Understand the consequences.

This Guide was developed by National Allergy Strategy, Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia and the Western Australian School Canteen Association Inc, supported by the Western Australian Departments of Health and Education. Although it was developed for WA schools it is equally appropriate for other states and territories. to download of a copy of the guide see the WA School Canteen Association website.

Canteens Posters

Managing food allergy and food safety and hygiene in school canteens is essential.

FOCiS together with National Allergy Strategy and Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia have developed a quick reference poster for display in school canteens.

Each of the four  steps in the Food allergy in school canteens poster links to the All About Allergens training.

The Food safety in school canteens poster contains five simple steps to ensure food prepared and sold in the school canteen in done so safely. This poster has been endorse by Environmental Health Australia.

Both posters can be downloaded as high resolution copies :

Food allergy management in school canteens

Food safety in school canteens

If you would like a print ready version for bulk printing please contact

fresh_focis_canteenFresh FOCIS On Food FOR CANTEENS

Are you looking for new and tasty ideas for your canteen menu? Want ideas that the children will just love? Fresh FOCIS on foods for canteens has been designed with the busy canteen manager in mind. Every recipe has been assessed and approved against the FOCIS nutrient criteria so you are assured they are healthy choices. Recipes are quick, simple and nutritious. Also included is a glossary of cooking terms and a range of tips to assist you to manage your menu.

Price: FREE (Postage fee may apply)

fresh_focis_family1Fresh FOCIS On Food FOR FAMILIES

Fresh FOCIS on food for families is the second in a series and has a refreshing approach to family cuisine. The recipes will appeal to children and adults alike and are quick, simple and tasty. Children will love the ‘child friendly’ recipes aimed at helping them discover the joy of cooking. All the recipes have been assessed and approved against the so you are assured they are healthy choices. Not only are the recipes great, but there are some simple handy tips for the kitchen as well as a glossary of basic cooking terms.

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looking_after_kidsLooking After Our Kids

Looking After Our Kids is a video/DVD and handbook resource for school principals, parent bodies, canteen managers, canteen assistants and volunteers to help them understand and comply with the Food Safety Standards.

Everyone working with food has a personal responsibility to handle food safely. This video/DVD and handbook information package has been designed to help people involved with school canteens understand their legal responsibilities.

The video/DVD is set in real school canteens and follows the food from delivery to sale. The practices shown apply to all school canteens whether large or small, new or old.

This resource, an initiative of FOCIS Inc and funded by Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, was supplied free of charge to all schools in Australia in 2002.

This resource is now available on line from Food Standards Australia New Zealand. The video can be accessed via YouTube


Management $ense, Food Sense

Want to manage your canteen more efficiently and profitably? Then Management $ense Food Sense is the manual for you! It is a great resource with all the information to make your canteen a raging success.

Find out how to:

  • Develop your own accounts system for keeping track of stock and money in the   canteen
  • Selecting appropriate staff
  • Choose the right equipment for your canteen and save money
  • Check if you are up-to-scratch on important food safety issues
  • Sell healthy foods and make a profit! There are many ideas, recipes and promotional tactics to help you on your way
  • Attract and keep your  volunteers
  • Develop a canteen policy with step by step information
  • Introduce basic security and emergency procedures that every canteen worker should know
  • Renovate your canteen – get the right advice to help you make those important and costly decisions.

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canteen_cuisine_coverCanteen Cuisine

fabulous recipe book designed especially for school canteens. These tasty and healthy recipes have been created and tested by real school canteens – and the kids just love them!

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