When Tasmanian children returned to the classroom on Thursday 8 February, it marked the beginning of the 2024 school year for all Australian students – and the Federation of Canteens in Schools (FOCIS) says that’s an ideal time to talk about nutrition, well-being, better eating habits and healthy canteen food.

Leanne Elliston is a senior dietitian and executive officer with Nutrition Australia and, in her additional roles as Chair of FOCIS – the peak body working with state and territory canteen associations and networks – she told Education Daily that canteens are an integral part of the learning environment and play an important role in health promotion.

In 2024, Ms Elliston says FOCIS is “strengthening its commitment to fostering an environment that supports the physical and mental development of our young learners”.

“The most important aim for FOCIS this year is to raise awareness of our mission, vision, and values so more school canteens and partners/supporters join us to promote healthy eating in schools,” she says.

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