In response to the need for a concerted effort to prioritise the health and well-being of Australian school children, The Federation of Canteens in Schools (FOCIS) and many stakeholders working in the sector united for the first National School Network Meeting of 2024.   

High on the agenda was providing a forum for knowledge sharing and cross-collaboration. Participants heard from initiatives and programs that partner with school canteens across the country to support the provision of healthy foods and encourage the adoption of healthy eating habits.   

Leanne Elliston, FOCIS Chairperson said that fantastic things were happening in each of the jurisdictions across the country, from members working with canteens in low socio-economic areas to incorporating fruit breaks to school children in regional areas opening and operating their very own school canteens offering to offering to healthy options to their peers. 

Each state and territory has differing policies to help parents and children identify healthier options, and while food audits and traffic light systems help; sustainable long-term change can only succeed through a whole-school approach that incorporates the broader community and involves students, parents, and teachers in the process.    

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